Boise State Broncos, Inc held its first annual Shareholders Party. As the invite stated, the purpose of the meeting included the following:

  • Elect two new directors
  • Review accomplishments and plans of the corporation
  • Conduct other business

The two new elected directors are Jerry Dancer and Charles Wilson, both long time benefactors. As of the night of the party, just under 2500 shares had been sold, with share sold in 48 States and in 3 countries, with Rhode Island and Vermont being the only states in which Bronco Nation hasn’t purchased stock.

The treat of the night was Coach Chris Petersen address the shareholders that were present. I took the opportunity to create a bootleg recording of that address. I have tried to clean it up as best as I can. Tapping at the start is me making sure I was recording and of course at the start is had some dishes banging in the background as everyone was finishing eating.

What I took from the 2 hour address, was the Boise State is under financed compared to the rest of Division 1 schools. Gene Bleymier presentation mentioned that the athletic budget was around $28 Million and about $7.5 million comes from the state.

Gene ran down the plan for Dona Larson Park. The Park will host track and field as well as local high school football. The football field will seat about 5,000. The Broncos have been practicing at the field this fall.

The focus appeared to be on getting the Basketball locker room built. Final bids are being looked at and head Coach Leon Rice is using it as part of his recruiting pitch. Other facilities needed include an aquatic center and a new gymnasium.

Information related to the Stadium expansion will come in the form of a Press Conference on Friday August 27. As Gene put it, they have a “presentation” prepared. Gene also mentioned that Bronco Stadium is the smallest of top ten teams.

There were some great stories from tonight, but my favorite was related to the amount of toilets in the Football Facility. Apparently there are 2 toilets. As Coach Pete put we need to get more toilets. Gene followed it up with a story. As he told it, Gene asked Lyle Smith, the AD at the time the current football facility was built, “why two toilets?” Lyle’s response, “we needed a spare.”

It was a good time and if you can spare $100 or more it is certainly worth holding a share or two of stock, while at the same time supporting Boise State Athletics. Go Broncos!

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